You find the Opportunities. We'll find the Capital.

Apply Once. Apply Everywhere.

FiFlows interfaces between business owners and lenders to reduce the time investment required to apply for a loan.

1. Discovery Form

Take our quick survey to determine lender options and deal feasibility.

2. Custom Application

We build your custom application and complete our analysis and deal structuring process.

3. Get Every Option

We engage each lender with applications built for each of their specifications.

Returning to business owners.

The Need to Optimize

Tired of waiting a really long time for your lender to under-deliver?

Status Quo Frustrations:

Unknown Options

The big banks dominate this space in Canada. However, regional lenders, specialists and alternative lending options also exist.

Everchanging Information Requirements

Lenders base their lending decisions on different information sets depending on deal and company specific details. The process of spotting these differences can take multiple meetings and follow ups.

Unexplained Credit Process

The time required to translate that information into a credit decision varies widely across lenders and among their representatives, creating uncertain timelines.

Unclear Expectations

Poor communication can impact planning for an approval or a decline.

Our Solution

A better application process that delivers better outcomes.

More Options, Better Options

We classify each deal based on request and company specific details to ensure that every potential lender and deal structure is considered.

Upfront Information Requirements

Our smart technology builds a single application form meeting the requirements of each potential lenders.

Optimized Analysis & Structuring

We evaluate, stress, and structure the deal from the perspective of each lender and provide immediate feedback to proactively address any information gaps.

Clear Expectations

We outline the range of deal structures that ranging from possible to obtainable and build a strategy that fits.

A Better Broker

We inject credibility and industry expertise into the Commercial Finance Broker industry by having the relevant experience, skillset, and a desire to things different.

We establish a new relationship between the right lender(s) and a solid business; then get out of the way. We do not stay between parties and extract fees in perpetuity.

More Options. Less Time.

Apply online. Let us do the rest.

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