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Launching Q1 2020

FIflows is building a market place for Commercial Lending that delivers the best deal structures from EVERY Commercial Lender.


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Access lender capital. simply.

Think of it this way: Instead of a business owner going cold to one lender at a time, we make the warmest introduction everywhere simultaneously.

We know the information requirements for each lender and allow them to do exactly what they want to do: access new lending opportunities and bid on them; quickly.

The result? Businesses access capital quicker and easier through a Commercial Lending market.

Our PRocess

Understand. Optimize. Deliver.

By understanding the business goal we help find deal structures and lenders that makes that outcome most likely. By doing the leg work before approaching lenders we ensure fast turn around and optimal results.

1. Apply

Our Application is built to deliver essential information as efficiently as possible.

2. Get Feedback

Our Analytic tools evaluate deals from the perspective of each lender. Quick, Useful, Actionable, Feedback.

3. Lender Outreach

We navigate the Lender process towards the issuance of Term Sheets.

One Application. Every

Built For


Save Time. Save Money.

Agents &

Give Advice. Get Rewarded.


Access Qualified Dealflow.


We are launching nationally in Q1 2020, if you can't wait let us know!
Focus on Your Business. We'll
Find the Banker.​

Business Owners

Get all lenders to the table, without having to go to each of theirs.

Save Time

Apply from your desk. When it works for you.

Less Back & Forth

We build a custom application for each deal that gives us everything we need to give lenders everything they need.

Get Every Option

We partner with, and deliver individualized applications for, every lender on the market.

Better Experience

Choose your Lender with Term Sheet and Comparables in-hand.

Better Outcomes

Lenders can immediately say yes. And they know that each of their competitors can too. We deliver the best offer; from the start.


Partners &

Stop sending your clients out to knock on a lender’s door. We bring EVERY lender to them.

Better Client Experience

Referring clients to Banks come at the risk of a poor experience, a slow process, under delivering results, or even a last minute decline.

Quick Hand-Off

We reduce the number of touch points for your client, so you can focus on your work.

Better Lender Options

We ensure the widest range of options are available for each deal, all while maximizing competitive incentives for lenders to deliver the best Terms & Conditions to your client.

Monetize Better

Instead (or in addition to) of a lead-generation arrangement we give our partners the option of capturing more of the value for closed deals.

Improved Workflow

We help your business on-board business clients by establishing a range of financing that they can realistically obtain.

Access Dealflow


We drop pre-qualified deals on your desk.

Expand Geographic Reach

We partner across all regions and give lenders the ability to bid on Lending opportunities even where they lack a physical presence.

Focus on Deploying Capital

We bring live deals that pre-qualified to your specifications. At that point it is yours to win. So get creative and find a value added structure to try and win!

Cost Effective Expertise

We deliver deals analyzed, pre-qualified, with suggested structures. It lands on your desk with the first 10 steps out of the way.

Launching Q1 2021

FIflows is building a market place for Commercial Lending that delivers the best deal structures from EVERY Commercial Lender.


  • Don't Worry, we will NEVER spam you

Frequently asked questions

Every step of the Loan Application process is optimized.

The status quo is tough: Looking for lender options, trying to get a meeting with the right person, having that introductory meeting, going back and fourth on information requirements… just so you can wait a really long time for them to underdeliver on the Term Sheet.

We have a clear online process that can be done on your time, from your office. We set expectations appropriately. And we engage EVERY selected lender simultaneously.

We secure lending facilities for your clients. We do it quickly. And we give them a much better experience than knocking on a bank’s door. We also pay a referral fee or donate to your preferred local cause.

At launch we are open to work with any Commercial Banking client. This typically includes any business borrowing $500,000 – $20,000,000 but varies, so get in touch and we will give feedback quick.

Once engaged we:

1. Understand the deal/company through the company’s choice of an online form or on-boarding phone call.

2. Build the deal application

3. Analyze and build a proposal

4. Engage lenders with individualized applications.

5. Share feedback with clients and arrange for intro meetings with all potential lenders.

6. Remain available to help Business owners evaluate and choose a lending partner.

We charge an application fee that is deal specific and outlined in our deal summary and feedback to the client. We try to keep our one-time fee <0.5% of the transaction total. Feedback has indidcated that the competitive environment for lenders often sees overall rate savings exceed that 0.5% hurdle on an annual basis. On a 25 year loan those savings are significant.

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