Commercial Lending, Simplified.

Easier to apply. Easier to approve.

Faster Process

Companies apply when it fits their schedule. We build applications that credit departments want to see. From the start.

Optimized Applications

We build towards a feasible range of deal structures based on lender metrics. Delivering real-time feedback and feasible deals.

One APplication. Every Option.

We are a value-adding middle layer that delivers access to options, lender competition, and we don’t require payment until the job is complete.
Our Focus

Understand. Optimize. Deliver.

Our Clients
  • Canadian Company
  • Total Borrowing Requirements greater than $1 million CAD

** Range Varies between Lenders

The Status Quo
In person meetings. Lender education. Information exchanges. This process can stretch multiple weeks and frustrate all parties involved.
FiFlows Optimization
We aggregate the right information. We analyze and structure it as each lender would. And we submit separate applications to all lenders simultaneously. With their initial diligence completed.

Frequently asked questions

A more efficient application process. Quicker lender feedback from every available option. Truly competitive offers from each lender.

We secure lending facilities for your clients. We do it quickly. And we give them a much better experience than knocking on a bank’s door. We also pay a referral fee or donate to your preferred local cause.

At launch we are open to work with any Commercial Banking client. This typically includes any business borrowing $500,000 – $25,000,000 but varies, so get in touch and we will give feedback quick.

Once engaged we:

1. Understand the deal/company through the company’s choice of an online form or on-boarding phone call.

2. Build the deal application

3. Analyze and build a proposal

4. Engage lenders with individualized applications.

5. Share feedback with clients and arrange for intro meetings with all potential lenders.

6. Remain available to help Business owners evaluate and choose a lending partner.

We charge an application fee that is deal specific and outlined in our deal summary and feedback to the client. We try to keep our one-time fee <0.5% of the transaction total. Feedback has indidcated that the competitive environment for lenders often sees overall rate savings exceed that 0.5% hurdle on an annual basis. On a 25 year loan those savings are significant.

Help your clients access capital
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COVID Impact

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. In this challenging business climate lenders are also forced to evaluate each loan application in the context of the pandemic. The result is a much less certain credit process and constantly evolving underwriting standards.

The goal of FiFlows is to accelerate the application process as simply (and economically) as possible, the current climate has impacted our business model. Until lender risk appetite returns to normal we take engagements on a case by case basis. We still provide quick feedback. If there’s a deal to be done, we will still get it in front of lenders ready to go.

So please reach out. If we can help, we will. Just recognize that it’s a challenging credit environment for all parties.