A Better Broker Model

Empowering Value



Get live deals with full information and access business owners without the middle man.


A True Market

We connect good deals with every available capital source and we do it quicker and better.


Business Owners

Access lending options without being contractually obligated to continue going through a middle man.

The Status Quo


Brokers are engaged when a business has been declined by a lender(s) or a business owner has had too many negative interactions with the lending process to stomach another round.

The Process

Brokers engage their network of lenders, typically lenders that will payout their fees, and they bring the deal forward. Brokers stay between lender and business until paid, and try to stay there extracting fees in perpetuity.

The Problem

Broker competency is rarely in Commercial Lending. The inability to add value to the application/approval process while staying in between lender and business results in a frustrating process for lenders; and a sub-optimal outcome for businesses.

The Fee Structure is often opaque and isn't a true market rate. Brokers often layer in fees issuing an all in rate above and beyond what the lender actually offers. That fee is in place as long as that borrowing is.

The Result

Business Owners don't actually discover all available options, they often don't get price discovery since rates are opaque, and the only true value received is a few phone calls. Lenders are left trying to piece together an application with partial information and a third party who doesn't understand their requirements. Business owners suffer.

Our Solution


We evaluate each deal on it's own merits. We give honest feedback and propose a range of viable deal structures. We only procee with deals that we believe can get approved.


We believe a broker goes beyond connecting two parties; our history as commercial lenders and entrepreneurs allows us to make the process of accessing and lending money easy for all parties.


We outline the fee structure once the deal has been fully analyzed and structured. Before lenders are engaged we proceed with full transparency to both lenders and business owners.


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