Our Mission

We’re here to make accessing Business capital easier – for everyone.

What We do

Our platform provides a coordinated approach to securing business capital for good projects and great companies. We make it easy to approach commercial lenders and for those lenders to say yes.

Who we are

Based in Saskatoon, with team members across Ontario and Western Canada our team includes 25+ years of Commercial Lending experience with a deal team consisting of private sector professionals, lenders, underwriters, and tax & wealth experts. Our technology team is building a purpose driven platform on top of this expertise.

Why We Do it

We believe that lenders want to lend more. We believe that businesses want to borrow more. And by removing barriers that currently exist we can help all parties get what they want.

Paul Wallmann

Founder & CEO
MA Economics
Years of Commercial Lending experience at
some of Canada's largest Financial Institutes.


220 20th Street W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W9

Contact us

Phone: 1 306 850 2342
Email: contact@fiflows.com

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