Our Commercial Loan APplication

Canada’s only digital Commercial Loan Application is built to turn a single loan application into optimized applications¬†everywhere. If you are a Canadian Business seeking more than $500,000 get started now.

Who Our Clients Are

Canadian Companies
Currently FiFlows works with Canadian Companies across all Provinces and Territories.
Commercial Businesses
We deal with Commercial Businesses. These companies typically borrow between $500,000 and $30,000,000.
Established Companies
Businesses with 3+ years of operating history and Accountant Prepared Financial Statements are typically required.
Our PRocess

Understand. Optimize. Deliver.

By understanding the business goal we help find deal structures and lenders that makes that outcome most likely. By doing the analytical leg work before approaching lenders we ensure fast turn around and optimal results.

1. Assess

2. Apply

3. Engage

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