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We are based in Saskatchewan, but cater to Commercial Businesses across Canada.

Pricing is based on volume and determined on a per deal basis. We target fees less than 0.5% of the transaction volume and provide full clarity once we have reviewed all of the information in the file.

We focus on clients with $1 million+ in total borrowing needs. What we refer to as ‘Commercial Banking’ clients.

Sometimes this involves transactions that are smaller, but from a lender’s perspective it is the total outstanding amount that matters.

Going forward we will be building out our small business platform to bring the same level of service to smaller businesses.

Whatever the relevant capital providers require.  The base level always includes:

 Two Years of Accountant Prepared Statements
Company Prepared Current and Previous Year-To-Date Statments.

Depending on the complexity of your company and the type of financing desired additional info may be required.

But we require this much information to start working.

No. We are the coordinators between business owners and lenders & investors.

No. We work with all Banks and other Financial Institutes on a performance basis. Our goal is to get business owners set up with the right provider for them and their purpose.

It’s always worth trying. There may be a better source of capital for your purposes, or repackaging your information to approach multiple lenders may still be feasible.  

At the very least we can give you a clear reason why a decline happened, and if there’s a path to a future approval we can outline the steps needed to get there as quickly as possible.

It depends on what type of financing you seek. 

In some cases an entirely new banking relationship makes sense. This requires new accounts, new operating credit, and term debt. In other cases, we can leave a healthy relationship intact and add additional lending facilities on top of it.

Which ever lender makes sense. We work with big banks, local credit unions, sub-debt, private investors, and specialty shops.

We consider the need, assess the company, and line up the providers.

Because our fees are up front, transparent, and well below broker rates; they don’t alter deals. Because we add value beyond deal sourcing, providers are happy to see our package pop up.

It depends on the complexity of the transaction and how efficient the capital provider is at completing their due diligence and back end work. 

We reduce the ‘time to term sheet’, and ensure that the provider has everything required to complete their process.

Theoretically, it can take less than a week for something simple. Realistically, it will extend beyond that. Our focus isn’t to make that process instant; it’s to make it as quick and transparent as possible

FiFlows doesn’t always make sense. There has to be a need.

The most obvious use case is for companies that have had frustrations with the time consuming, under-delivering application status quo. We give providers what they need, and motivate them with a competitive market to come at each company with their best offer. 

Third parties like commercial real estate agents use FiFlows because their livelihood relies on someone else accessing capital. We allow them to proactively push that result. 

We also find that many professionals (accounts, lawyers, etc.) who are tasked with referring their clients to a capital provider (or a specific banker) are getting lost in the many shuffles that banks have been going through. We give them the option of putting their client’s in front of EVERY bank.

Our ability to view a business from the perspective of each individual capital provider allows us to skip through the back and fourth and drive results quickly.

Our other big distinction is in pricing. Our effective rate is <0.5% on transactions where brokers often charge 1%-10%. Often banks will approve a company for financing at 3.5% but if the broker thinks their client will pay 7% they pass them a 7% rate loan… that’s 3.5% extra ANNUALLY.

We also want a new relationship to form between provider and business. We do not stay in the middle and extract fees going forward. By coming in when needed, and exiting when not, we help establish a strong value added relationship. This is good for the business, and better for capital providers.

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