One Application. Every

The Process

We build an application for our clients in order to analyze, structure AND apply with every individual lender chosen. Each application is created specifically for our client’s circumstances and the lenders who will be available to them.

Step 1: Discovery

A quick questionnaire to help us ask the right questions and make sure we can help.

Step 2: Application


We outline the company from conception to present with particular focus on the last 3-5 years.


Understanding the context for the application is important to building the best narrative possible.


Future plans are required to place repayment in a context that is consistent with the past and present.

Step 3: Structuring


Our analysis is consistent with each of our lending partners. We establish viability AND save lenders time & resources.

Narrative Construction

We build a story that fits into the constructs of Lender applications. It synthesizes history with financial performance.


Here we sort viable lenders by feasibility and establish a range of approvable deal structures.

Step 4: Engagement


We summarize the viable options. Outlining any compromises or potential mitigants. With our clients we pick a strategic course and proceed from there.


We typically handle the initial engagements, field initial questions, and help guide the Lenders representative. Our goal is to have our clients meet with their prospective lenders once Term Sheets have been issued and reviewed.


Lender responses are summarized for easy review and we help with any interpretive questions, points of contention, and/or initial negotiations.

Why FiFlows?

Our team consists of former commercial lenders, credit underwriters, tech professionals, private sector executives, and tax & wealth experts.

The confluence of these factors result a better process, better outcomes, and better business.


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