We build the application
We underwrite the deal
We engage every lender

Companies choose the best capital

How FiFlows Works

Fill out our Request Form. Based on your location, deal type, and deal size, we will reach out with some ideas of what your options are.

FiFlows will reach out via email for more information and/or to set up an introduction call. Our goal is to understand the financing goal and a few of the lending parameters. We leave this step with enough information to assemble a purpose built application based on the company, ownership, and the opportunity.

Our application process is meant to combine the application process of every lender we will engage for each deal. Our goal is to replicate (and optimize) all of the steps that lenders are required to take to produce a quality term sheet (quality minimizes deviation between Term Sheet and Final Approval). 

This step is crucial because:

  1. We reduce agent risk (an inept/overworked/slow lender account manager)
  2. We decrease application time
  3. We ensure optimized advocacy
  4. We maximize lender competitiveness

We outline the request viability, any weaknesses and mitigants, and how we can best position the company and the deal in the marketplace. At this point we go over FiFlows enagement fees as follows:

  1.  Work Fee: Typically between $500 – $1000. Considered earned on Lender Submission
  2. Performance Fee: Deal dependent ranging between 0.5% and 0.75% of requested funds. Considered earned on signed Term Sheet.
  3. To Be Paid: 30 days from Term Sheet signing or in conjunction with deal funding. We try to provide as much flexibility as possible to companies. 

We contact each lender, outline the opportunity, suggest competitive parameters, and deliver information packages. We typically handle communication on behalf of the applicant until Term Sheets are issued.

We review Term Sheets with companies outlining the Terms & Conditions offered by each lender and the resulting Pros & Cons. We help companies select a lender or a couple of lenders to meet with (particularly for operating companies) to partner with.