A Better Process. A Brand
New Market.

How we are unlocking the benefits of a functioning loan market for Canadian businesses.

The Status Quo

The Need: More Applications.

When an offer of financing is made business owners often lack additional offers to compare it with. If the purpose of financing sufficiently offsets the cost of financing (including, but not merely the % rate) than the offer is accepted. But what if there was a better offer out there? Would that allow for more growth? More employees? An additional project? In aggregate, the answer would be yes.

The Problem: Costs (Time & Resources)

Business owners must navigate a number of steps when accessing lender capital. Similarly, lenders must go through a number of steps during their due diligence period before issuing a loan. When the application cost is high for both parties, less applications are sought.

The Solution: Efficiency

FiFlows is the first solution that is built to satisfy both sides of each borrower/lender transaction. We recognize that to deliver the best results for our business clients we need lenders onboard.

We take on the key friction points for both parties. Borrowers have a smooth on-boarding process. Lenders see fully formed live deals. We handle the rest.

The Result: More, Better, Quicker Financing for Businesses

Here's how we'll do it.

Taking on the difficult tasks

In order to align the incentives of Businesses and Lenders we need to start by reducing the costs for both parties. From Opportunity to Deal Closing the transaction frictions are in communication, co-ordination, information gathering, and information processing.

What Both Sides Need

Businesses need Lender capital. They want reliable information about the likelihood of approval AND the timeline to approval. They want to spend less time applying for the loan. And they want to make sure it’s the best offer available.

Lenders need Businesses borrowing their capital. They want to spend less time getting in front of businesses, determining feasibility, and constructing a loan offer.

What We Do

Fiflows builds a custom application for each business. That application is built to give us the pieces required to build applications for each lender. Our deal team analyzes the business case for the applicant just as each lender would. We propose a range of viable deal structures. Once the business agrees, we engage each lender simultaneously.

Taking on the difficult tasks

FiFlows interfaces between Business and Lender. Businesses experience an easy, quick single application process. Lenders receive fully formed applications built to their own specifications. The messy stuff gets handled by us. Our smart processes and automation are built to optimize the process.

We take in raw inputs from Businesses and put out value added outputs to Lenders.


We know the lender market


We handle all initial lender meetings simultaneously

Application Quality

We present lenders with exactly what they need.


We deliver every available option.

What are the implications?

Reallocation of Resources

Business owners focusing more on running their businesses and tackling new projects instead of calling, visiting, and corresponding with lenders.

Lenders can shift resources away from cold calling and information gathering to value added structuring activities and relationship management.

Everyone will be able to focus on the activities that they want to focus on.

The Impact of More Options

By lowering the ‘cost’ of applying, more businesses will seek capital from lenders. Our online applications allow for greater geographical reach (it’s much easier to drive to a banking center WITH a term sheet in, than it is on speculation). It also allows for a more granular focus on industry or asset type.


When large Lenders compete, everyone wins. Because the cost to Term Sheet is so high initial Term Sheets are the best the lender can do. The back and fourth can be contentious and time consuming. By lowering that barrier Lenders are incentivized to come with their reservation offer from the start. An easy deal to structure for them, is an easy deal to structure for their competition!

Building a Network

We partner with like-minded individuals and businesses looking to connect businesses and capital. Please reach out with an introduction or suggestion. We also have a referral program to reward deal spotters and are open to building a value added partnership.

Business Owners

Save time. Get more options. Find better capital structures.

Commercial Real Estate

Pre-Qualify clients. Increase approval rates.


Complete Commercial transactions. Dollarize networks.


Complete Commercial transactions. Dollarize networks.


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