Partner Programs​

​FiFlows delivers value to anyone and any party that benefits when business owners access capital.​ By increasing the likelihood, speed, and quality of approvals. 

What We Do

When your client needs access to lender Capital, we put their best foot forward with every lender TODAY.

  • Access to EVERY lender
  • Optimized Application
  • Better Terms & Conditions for your Clients
  • Increased Chance of Approval
  • Quicker to Fund. Quicker to Close

How It Works

Once engaged FiFlows works with the business to understand their needs, assess their ability to access capital, and then build individual applications for each viable lender.

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Application

Referral Compensation

Partnering with us goes beyond giving your client a better capital application option. We Support our partners by paying out or donating a referral bonus of up to $5,000 upon funding.



We offer the financial rewards of having an internal finance division inside of your company, firm, or brokerage. If you're connecting businesses with solid opportunities, we want to make sure those transactions close.

White-Label -- Coming Soon

Bring an internal finance offer to your clients. Our onboarding tools, application forms, and network-branded as your own. Bundle it with your offer and charge the value it brings your customers.​

Agency -- Coming Soon

Bring an in-house experience to your clients. Implementing our client dashboard and deal flow management system builds a unified on-boarding, pre-qualification, and application process.​

Why FiFlows?

Our team consists of former commercial lenders, credit underwriters, tech professionals, private sector executives, and tax & wealth experts.

The confluence of these factors result a better process, better outcomes, and better business.


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