Building a Market

Reorganizing How Businesses Borrow



We help lenders reduce the overhead required to submit 'bids' on lending opportunities.


Business Owners

We help business owners present their borrowing 'opportunity' to lenders.


Agents & Advisors

We help anyone connecting businesses with opportunities the chance to proactively help secure capital.

Market Structure

Status Quo

When seeking a loan businesses often engage one or two lenders and go through a due diligence process that can stretch into weeks and months with each lender separately before term sheets are issued.

A New Way

We put all of the due diligencefully analyzed and structured in front of lenders up front. Verification takes days instead of weeks. Lenders can lend easier, Businesses can borrower easier and everyone gets what they want.

A New Economic Model

Establishing a 'Price'

Supply & Demand

We frame the lender as the customer and the BUSINESS as the seller. Businesses create the supply of borrowing opportunities that Lenders demand.

A Proxy for Price

Lender 'Term Sheets' include interest rate, pledged security assets, and numerous other conditions. Term Sheets approximate the 'price' lenders are willing to pay for each lending opportunity.

The Problem

Companies (the seller) don't query the market effectively. They don't engage enough lenders and they don't approach lenders with the required information in hand.

Lenders (the buyer) don't bid on the opportunities efficiently. They don't get the required information quickly and don't transform it into useful answers efficiently.

The Result

Bid frictions increase the time & resources spent issuing and receiving a term sheet which results in fewer term sheets requested, and fewer term sheets issued.

Our Solution


We sell their opportunity to Lenders by building information packages specific to every lender on the market.


We deliver qualified live deals with packages including exactly what lenders need to decision a term sheet.

Helping Companies Broadcast an Opportunity

Knowing which Lenders are available and accessing their decision makers with the right information packages requires time and resources that most businesses can’t spare.

We Bring that Expertise
Increasing Options

Lenders choose the deals to consider based on Geography, Industry, Asset Type, Company Age, and Deal Size. Often, lenders that don’t have a physical presence nearby are still willing to bid.

Our classification and sorting process identifies all potential options from the start.

Quicker Results

Lenders make their decisions based on deal and company information sets. We ensure they have that information set from the start. We also pre-analyze it and make sure our suggested structure fits their lending parameters.

Better Outcomes

Our experience across lenders & specialties allow us to spot synergistic opportunities that a single lender might not be able to fill. 

By understanding the needs and goals of our clients we can pursue a multitude of deal structures to achieve the desired outcome.

Helping Lenders Bid on More Opportunities

The main constraints for Lenders are: finding more deals, gathering the required information, and transforming that raw information into actionable information. Lenders want the exact same things Businesses want, to lend more dollars.

We bring live pre-qualified deal to lenders. Even better we bring them with full information and packaged to their specification. 

Lender Workflow
  • Find the Deal
  • Meet the Company
  • Gather the Information
  • Perform Analysis
  • Structure Term Sheet
  • Present Term Sheet
  • Win the Deal
Lender Workflow w/ FiFlows
  • Find the Deal
  • Meet the Company
  • Gather the Information
  • Perform Analysis
  • Structure Term Sheet
  • Present Term Sheet
  • Meet the Company
  • Win the Deal

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