Grow your business by helping others grow theirs.

And earn up to $1000 while you're at it.

We partner with others connecting businesses with solid opportunities. We can help your clients or business partners obtain the capital.

If a business needs bank capital, we can help.

Whether motivated by a sale, accessing expertise, or to help a business contact out, we connect those opportunities with capital and compensate you for your trouble.

If your company relies on other companies accessing bank capital, we can help you push towards that outcome.

If your don’t have a trusted banker to send your client to, have us send them to all bankers.

If you’re monetizing the business connections made with a lead-gen model we offer the ability to add a new source of revenue and give line of sight on the economic value created.

If you refer deals to bankers or step back and stay out of the way, we offer a better path to deal funding and a healthy reward.

Live Referral

For immediate opportunities

Is there a current deal in need of capital?

If you know a business that is actively considering or is in process of dealing with lenders make the introduction.



Explore an on-going relationship

Do you help business owners find opportunities?

We establish on-going partnerships with businesses invested in helping business owners access capital. We have a number of bespoke options so reach out to discuss.

Commercial Real Estate Agents

Business Advisors


The Process

Make Referral


FiFlows Application

Lender Engagment

Deal Closing

Step 1: Referral

Pass along a brief description of the transaction. Our process is predicated on information, so the more information available the quicker it is.

Step 2: Introduction

We will send him or her a nice note that explains why we are contacting them. It will be courteous, pleasant, and give you all the credit. Once opt-in has occurred our application process begins.

Step 3: FiFlows Application

Our optimized application process moves the business owner through an efficient on-boarding process that outlines lender options and attainable deal structures. Once analyzed and summarized, business owners are given the option of proceeding with us.

Step 3: Lender Engagement

Once we all parties have decided to proceed all selected lenders are engaged.

Step 4: Deal Closing

Upon deal funding we will direct payment to you.

Quick Referral

Tell us about the referral:



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