Bring Lender
Expertise In-House

We offer a range of services to commercial real estate agents that help facilitate effective on-boarding, quicker deal closes, and better client experiences.

Built to Deliver

We deliver our expertise as a third party service or as a white-labeled in-house offering that empowers Commercial Real Estate agencies to gain all of the knowledge AND monetary benefits from a dedicated Debt Advisory service. Without the large fixed costs.
Within Budget
Having companies engage with FiFlows early in the buying process ensures that all parties understand how much capital they will be able to access when it comes time to close on a sale.
Loan Applictions
Companies can complete the FiFlows application in as little as 30 minutes. That’s less time than it usually takes to get a single commercial banker on the line.
We turn our application into individual applications for every lender available. Companies complete one FiFlows application and get every option avaialble.
Decline RIsk
We pro-actively address issues, mitigate short comings, and have every lender try to say yes.

Become A Partner

We work with Commercial Real Estate Agencies to offer a value-added service to their clients without adding a fixed cost to their business. Until now adding lending expertise to their service has required hiring a former banker and building the infrastructure around them to justify the investment.
We bring a level of financial expertise that gets amplified by our technology. The result is a quicker application for companies. A better application for Lenders. And better outcomes for all parties involved.

1. Partner Referral

Partners pass along our Assessment link or fill out a 5-10 question form.

2. FiFlows Application

We build and deliver a custom application to the client.

3. Lender Engagement

We engage all lenders simultaneously and let the best fit for the client emerge

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