Bring Lending Expertise In-House

We offer a range of services to Professional Service providers that advise, optimize, and help companies find and operate business opportunities.

Built to Deliver

Our expertise delivers debt advisory without the cost associated with an in-house service. Our relationships extend beyond local networks and cater to all lenders willing to lend into any situation.
Our PRocess

Understand. Optimize. Deliver.

By understanding the business goal we help find deal structures and lenders that makes that outcome most likely. By doing the leg work before approaching lenders we ensure fast turn around and optimal results.

1. Refer

A quick 5-10 question form to determine fit for FiFlows and to determine potential lenders

2. We Apply

We build and deliver a custom application within 24 hours that will let us assemble applications to every potential lender

3. Funding

We engage all lenders simultaneously and let the best fit for our client emerge

We are always interested in working with any parties that facilitate solid companies finding business opportunities in need of capital.

Frequently asked questions

We determine quickly if a company can access lender capital. We partner wherever that skillset is useful. For partners that have established lender relationships, we suggest offering FiFlows in addition to your current channel as we are happy to compete.

Our standard service has the company applying for a loan as our customer. Our fees are taken when the loan is funded.

However, we do work with partners to offer FiFlows as a white-label solution. Our partners charge their clients for our application program (taking the difference between our fees and the charged rate). If you’re curious to learn more please get in touch and we can discuss the opportunity in more detail.

We determine our fee structure based on application specifics and outline them once the initial on-boarding is complete. Our target is to always maintain <0.5% fees which are paid on deal close.

We can add value at any stage of the transaction but our role approach is consistent: we aggregate the information required for lenders to make a decision.

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