Application Process

Initial Steps:


Our discovery form helps us assemble your pool of lenders. We use this information to construct your application.


Your application form gives us everything we need to construct individual applications for each lender identified.


We underwrite the file as each lender would and suggested viable deal structures given your needs and current state of affairs.

Steps After Application







Step 1: Deal Summary & Recommendation

Summarizing our analysis and findings we suggest a range of structures that the market will deliver and outline the recommended approach.

Step 2: Pricing

After a path forward is agreed upon, we present the Terms & Conditions of proceeding. If we can reach a general consensus on approach, the fees are outlined and payable after you get funded, if you disagree with our assessment but still want to proceed with utilizing our network than an upfront fee work fee will be charged.

Step 3: Engagement

We engage each lender with information packages built to their specification. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for them to say yes to the deal structure we’ve discussed. That yes comes via an issued Term Sheet.

Step 4: Term Sheets

Our goal with every file is to return as many Term Sheets as possible. We present the Term Sheets directly to you or via our Comparison tool which outlines any differences/advantages between them.

Step 5: Selection Process​

Unless there is a clear differentiator we usually recommend meeting with lender representatives before making a final selection. Although it is quite likely that your contact person will eventually move on it will give you a sense of how the organization is run locally, which may also be an indicator of how they hire your future relationship managers.

Step 6: Funding

Once the project and/or your company is funded you’re off to the races!

Fee Structure

Pricing is based on volume and determined on a per deal basis. We target fees less than 0.5% of the transaction volume and provide full clarity once we have reviewed all of the information in the file.


For any inquiries please email