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We make it easy for business owners to find the best Lending Partner by connecting them with every available lender and making sure initial steps are optimized. See below for examples.

Use Cases

We increase the speed of application, the probability of approval, and the rate of close. We work directly with business owners, and through their business partners to find the best options available.

Our process has been designed to deliver the best results for our business clients by making it easy for lenders to deliver. We coordinate, evaluate, and optimize all aspects of the application process.

One Application. Every Application.

Our Process

Three Steps for You. We'll take care of the rest.

1. Discovery Document

Establish a set of viable lenders based on a few deal and company specific details.

2. Custom Application

We build an application for each deal to give us the inputs needed to evaluate and build applications for each lender.

3. Evaluate Your Options

Because our applications are designed for each lender, feedback is quick.

Business Owners

Access a more efficient application process. We build an application based on your needs and the requirements of your potential lending partners. Once filled out, we analyze, structure and build individual applications for each chosen lender.

Real Estate

Growth &


New Banking

Whether it’s Owner Occupied or an Investment Property we have access to the full range of financing options on the market. We also work with Commercial Real Estate agents to move their clients from prospect to funded transactions. 


Better Approvals

Quicker Funding


We work with Platforms that facilitate business connections to capture hgh. Fees may be generated, data points accrued, but the actual transaction happens outside of the platform. Fiflows lets your platform facilitate those transactions on a referral or partnership basis. 

Closing Sales

Growth & Expansion

Capture More Data

New Opportunities

Instead of referring a deal to the new banker down the street, have FiFlows analyze and structure the deal for every bank on the street.

In-House Expertise

Value-Added Service

Profit Center

New Opportunities

Why FiFlows?

Our workflow has been built to meet the needs of businesses who need capital AND lenders who have it. Our team consists of former commercial lenders, credit underwriters, tech professionals, private sector executives, and tax & wealth experts.

The confluence of these factors result in more business getting done.


We help networks, advisors, and platforms that connect businesses with opportunities. Instead of stepping back from the transaction or selling it off as an early lead-gen monetization strategy; we can help build an additional revenue centre, a value-added white label service, or a useful on-boarding tool.

We work with any party identifying these opportunities


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