Capitalizing Opportunity

FIFlows delivers value to anyone and any party that benefits when business owners access capital.

We make it easier for Businesses to get approved for financing. We also make it easier for Lenders to approve that financing.

When businesses are able to access outside capital everyone wins. Their suppliers get paid quicker, they can add employees, they buy more equipment, and they grow the economy. We are not advocating for businesses that can’t support debt to get debt. We are pushing for all businesses who can support additional debt to have access to it; and to access it quicker under competitive Terms & Conditions.


Real Estate

Networks &

Business Owners

We bring the expertise required to navigate the bank world so business owners can remain focused on their expertise. Our goal is to find business owners the best lending partner to meet company needs.

FiFlows assess each company’s needs, identifies lenders willing to provide  the type of capital required, and then begin structuring an application to best obtain lending options.

Get More Options

Access more term sheets using our distribution platform. Access better term sheets by leveraging our expertise.


Small Business Banking leverages your personal credit worthiness. Commercial Banking leverages your business credit worthiness. We help navigate that step.

Purchase Real Estate

Whether a business is buying their own shop or purchasing an investment property. We line up every available option and deliver a full range of options.

Business Transition

We help build the narrative that gets complex deals done. The market provides a range of capital structures, we make it easy for businesses to access the optimal mix.

Commercial Real Estate Agents

We help agents and brokerages take a proactive approach by adding a financial expert to their team. We help screen prospects, pre-qualify clients, and move deals from agreement to funded.


We help agents focus their time on clients who are actually capable of accessing the capital required to close a sale. Our feedback is also used to build a qualified pipeline for those who may not be positioned for a sale immediately.

Owner-Occupied Real Estate​

Whether a business is purchasing or building a new location we bring every option to the table. When business owners limit their options to their incumbent lender they may under buy or delay their purchase. If the deal makes business sense, we'll find the lender that agrees.

Income Producing Real Estate​

Understanding the market can bring a wider range of options to your clients. Lender flexibility emerges in competitive situations, we make sure it lands on every desk that can add value.

Networks & Advisors

When Business owners ask their other expert advisors for banking & lending advice we offer our services either as a clean referral or as a white label member of your team.

Focus on Your Expertise​

We offer the option of a clean transition when professionals & advisors either don't have an outlet for bank/finance related queries, or simply want to focus on their own expertise.

Capitalizing Networks​

We help networks and value-added match makers put a dollar value on the connections they make. Instead of selling off lead generations we help monetize and validate networks with closed business transactions.

Another Path to Monetization​

We offer one-off referral compensation and more structured partnership options. We work with anyone connecting businesses with good opportunities.

Our Services

Partner Referalls

We offer the financial rewards of having an internal finance division inside of your company, firm, or brokerage. When an opportunity arises engage us to find the required capital.

White Label

Bring an internal finance offer to your clients. Our on-boarding tools, application forms, and network branded as your own. Bundle it with your offer and charge the value it brings your customers.


Bring an in-house experience to your clients. Implementing our client dashboard and dealflow management system builds a unified on-boarding, pre-qualification, and application process.

We will offer our services as a simple hand-off, white label integration, or as a more holistic deal tracking CRM.


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